Our approach is anchored in our deep experience in discovering and developing innovative gram-negative product candidates

At Achaogen, to discover and develop gram-negative product candidates, we rely on novel techniques, deep knowledge and expert capabilities.

Our Antibiotic Discovery and Development Engine

Knowledge of gram-negative antibiotic chemistry enables us to engineer the chemical structure of molecules to avoid resistance mechanisms and to penetrate the double membranes of gram-negative pathogens.

Specialized chemistry libraries are designed to contain compounds that have the necessary properties for penetration of gram-negative bacteria and are used in screening campaigns against clinical isolates of MDR gram-negative pathogens.

Use of nonclinical data to predict clinical outcomes to predict the clinical efficacy of our early developmental candidates.

Microbiology capabilities in clinically important gram-negative pathogens allows us to rapidly validate new antibacterial targets, determine the mode of action of our new agents, and progress promising molecules to advanced testing.

Collaborations with industry-leading and scientific experts in antibacterial drug development and the field of antibiotic pharmacology, provides us with access to leading information and advice.

Development of a state-of-the-art antibody discovery platform may enable us to enrich and select extremely rare and potent neutralizing antibodies that have exquisite specificity for target antigens.

Learn more about one of our early stage programs focused on developing monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) as potential antibacterial agents.